Paella Catering

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Our customers know of the excellent quality of our roasted meats and now we would like to introduce Spanish Paella to our expanding business.

All are cooked with imported short grain rice to maximize flavour absorption without being sticky and gluggy and imported Smoked Paprika and Saffron for full flavor.

How it works

We arrive at your venue approx 1.5 hours prior to your serving time to set up and cook the paella. The sliced roasted meats will be delivered in our hot box to keep the meat piping hot and food safe. Buffet tables will be set up with Bain Marie to serve the gourmet rolls from and the paella will be served straight from the pan,either by us,or help yourself.

We have a range of Paella pans available to suit the number of guests and varieties.


  • Vegetarian $12.50 per person
  • Chicken,Pork & Chorizo $17.00 PP
  • Chicken,Prawn & Mussel $17.00 PP
  • Fresh Seafood $20.00 PP - Consists of Cubed Fresh fish, Calamari rings, Whole Prawns & Prawn Meat and fresh local Mussels

We provide the Plates, Bowls and all the Cutlry.
Includes TWO staff, travel and setting up.

There are NO hidden charges.

All prices above include GST.

Four Varieties of Paella

  • Vegetarian

  • Chicken, Pork & Chorizo

  • Chicken, Prawn & Mussel

  • Fresh Seafood